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I have finished my PhD, moved on to other things, and then moved again to something else.


Yeah, I know ... what a goofy picture. Maybe you'd prefer to see what I look like after drinking too many cups of tea.

My Publications

MayaVi Tips'n'Tricks

Programming Games

Links to games in which one plays by writing code, and competing the programs against each other. I'm particularly interested in ongoing competitions. Typically run either periodically or in King of the Hill (KotH) type of competitions.

Proud Member of the WorldWide Conspiracy of Steves

Teach Evolution! Over two hundred scientists named Steve agree (local cache) [In fact, as of this writing, the Steve-o-meter has 450 Steves!]

Stan Rogers Needs Your Help!

Actually, Stan Rogers is dead, so there's not a lot you can do for him. Tragically, the greatest of Canada's folk singers is not in Canadian Musical Hall of Fame. That's where you can help.

Other stuff

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